Professional Photography throughout East Tennessee


Jenifer BrownI have always loved photography. I love to take that special picture that you won’t soon forget. You know, that moment that means everything to you and is captured forever. I started getting serious when my only niece was born and I knew I wanted to have every memory at my fingertips. She is now 13 (she poses on command lol). I am always thinking about the next shot and how great it will look. Seeing someone’s face when they first see your work is always a rush. There is no greater complement than having someone frame your work so they will always have it. I love to go on location to capture memories. You always have something different for each individual. I also have backdrops and props of different varieties that I can use too if it is an indoor shoot. I shoot with a Canon 50 D camera.

On bigger jobs I also have an assistant who also shoots with Canon.

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