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    We can arrange to take pictures before, during, and after the event

    Senior Pictures

    Backgrounds and locations are very flexible. If you have a location you’d like to shoot at we can work it out. See details on geographical limitations.


    We can arrange to take pictures before and after the event. Since most schools have restrictions on who attends the proms (And with good reason) taking pictures at the event isn’t usually an option.


    Weddings are better discussed on the phone or in person due to the attention to detail it takes to arrange everything in order to make EVERYTHING perfect as the bride (Okay, groom and family as well) deserves.

    Family Pictures/Portraits

    We can arrange for pictures to be taken on location at your home, outdoors, or anywhere else we are allowed to shoot.

    Special Events

    For special events please contact us to discuss the details.

    Special Requests

    We specialize in the unique so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

    More information coming soon. Rates, equipment, etc…

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